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It’s not about BBQs and sales…

Photo by Justin Casey on Unsplash

All across the United States, people are celebrating Memorial Day. But how many even know what Memorial Day is?

What Is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day remembers our fallen soldiers. They are the reason that people across the United States can celebrate with BBQs and shopping sales. Freedom isn’t free, and this holiday celebrates that fact. Memorial Day is always the last Monday in May and is also considered the unofficial start of summer in the United States.

Memorial Day is a day to remember the fallen members of the Armed Forces. All of them, no matter the war or conflict, deserve to be remembered on this holiday. Flags are typically placed on their graves for Memorial Day, making it easy to tell who served.

The History of Memorial Day

While it is mostly unclear as to where Memorial Day started, women are often listed as the ones who started the tradition of decorating graves as far back as the Civil War. The Women’s Relief Corps also were the ones to sponsor events for what is now Memorial Day first.

As time marched on, Memorial Day became more of a day of celebration than one of remembrance. Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day, then switched to Memorial Day after World War II.

Similar Days To Memorial Day

Memorial Day is not to be confused with Veteran’s Day or Armed Forces Day. While Memorial Day exists to honor fallen members of the armed forces, Veteran’s Day honors those who have served, but no longer do — vets. Armed Forces Day honors those who are currently serving.

Enjoy your Memorial Day!

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