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War Wind – Richard Palmquist, DVM GDVCHM CCHVM – Medium

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….a craven Wind blows:

Finally —

Gaining a Name:

A chaotic thing,

Rattling windows,

Scaring dogs,

Destroying rooftops,

And toppling trees:

The invisible: doing harm;

Gaining the attention

. of the weak mind,

The fearful heart:

Seeing destructive power:

A force without intelligence,

Stands in worship:

Making supplication,

And sacrifice,

Giving blood and breath

. for empty promises:

Weakness seeking recognition:

Desiring to be relevant —

A rising Voice —


. death seeking zealots;

Hands full of Fire,

Minds full of putrid mush,

Knowing only cursed scripture,

Burning all that shows their Lie,

And so comes conflict,

So comes… a…cancer:

That inescapable calling —


For bloodied heroes,

For mangled orphans,

And memorials:

….for another…

wicked waste of Possibility…

All because:

Insanity gained a name:

And using. Our Breath —

Building followers,

Directing & empowering:

Broken destructive purposes;

Force enough to twist Love,

From flowers to war machine.


On Memorial Day we remember and honor those brave hearts who gave their all to serve a Love that makes freedom possible. This verse is meant to honor the fallen while pointing a finger at those individuals who rise and call for war, a thing most vile and despicable. Ideas are wispy things that have no power without the minds, hearts and hands of human beings. An idea causes no harm until it is accepted and empowered by a person with a name. Once that voice rises and speaks, we get the phenomenon of Group Think, and the destructive movements that it empowers. We need to be thoughtful about what names we follow and what Breath we repeat lest we build a wind that wreaks far more havoc on our home.

Today, I honor those who died, but I also pray for those who TRIED to find a better way than war.

Have a lovely holiday. For me, I’m off to listen to John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Imagine. We need to hold that vision to calm the wind for today and for all days that follow.

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