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Senate Touring Veteran Advocate Crim Says Americans “Remember Fallen & Lift Up Living Veterans”

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Larry Crim President of Veterans Comprehensive Network Inc., who has toured as a U.S. Senate candidate from both perspectives reaching out to veterans, said — “The American People I’ve met on tour have a deeply held resolve to — remember the fallen heroes and lift up the living #Veterans of our Country. That is what we, the people, do today and pledge for the future of the United States of America.” #TeamAmerica #RememberTheFallen #LiftUpTheLiving #Veterans

The #Veteran #Advocate and #USSenate aspirant Larry Crim continued —

…..“This #Memorial #Day our Nation stands together to say to #America’s #Fallen #Soldiers — #We #Remember #You as the embodiment of the #Spirit #of #America. You and your family, fellow soldiers, friends and our American Family — Your Country — may have lost you in service for us, but your soul is an enduring part of our American Spirit. We will never forget you and what you’ve done for our Country and for all Americans.”

In so expressing this “Voice of Americans” commemorating the fallen on Memorial Day, Mr. Crim also addressed what he he has found on tour to be “the resolve of the American people to not merely recall but push our nation and one another to repay with gratitude and a major national policy which exemplifies — honoring our nation’s commitments to our country’s veterans.”

In the context of this national discussion concerning the value of our military veterans, the U.S. Senate aspirant and Veteran Advocate noted — “We often talk of military preparedness, vitally important to protect and defend our nation, allies and freedom around the world. Now, on this Memorial Day, it is perhaps more on our national consciousness and equally of importance to advance the nation’s consideration of our preparedness to support veterans and their families who have sacrificed, already served and are serving.”

Mr. Crim, who toured 95 counties of Tennessee among fellow Americans and Veterans, said “the people of our country are united in their resolve to ‘honor our nation’s promises to our country’s veterans’” — a major theme of his U.S. Senate campaign(s). As a result, Crim has long proposed (2011 to 2019) a national bill — #Veterans #Benefit #Assurance #Act (VBAA).

Mr. Crim, who also serves as Chair of Christian Counseling Centers of America Inc., concluded his Memorial Day remarks by adding this Bible based tribute to the American Soldiers who have fallen in service to all Americans — “The Bible proclaims — ‘Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends’ (John 15:13)” said the faith based initiative leader. “As an American Soldier, who laid down your life for us, you have shown this greatest love for your fellow Americans, for which we, your fellow Americans, express our unending respect, gratitude & love. God Bless You and God Bless Our American Family” concluded Larry Crim.

Larry Crim is President of Veterans Comprehensive Network Inc. and Chair of Christian Counseling Centers of America Inc. Larry Crim MPA MA is a University of Tennessee, Middle Tennessee State University and Tennessee State University Alumnus.

A 5th generation native Tennessean, Mr. Crim has toured all 95 counties of his home state as a United States Senate candidate from both political perspectives — “For ALL Tennesseans”. Mr. Crim has proposed the Veterans Benefit Assurance Act (VBAA) and other forms of assistance for veterans and their families. For more information on Larry Crim, readers may refer to the facebookpage —

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