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10 U.S. Code § 2733. – Bright Quang – Medium

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According to this statutory is proved with his father killed on May 30, 1963 when the war was taken place, his dead father had without governments which were giving any Death Certificates — during his real property, his small business, and his prisoner of war benefits from May 30, 1963, and his great values of the intellectual property was entirely destroyed by the mental case of the State of California in 2009 to the presenting time, which is totally summarized for the eighty million dollars ($ 80,000,000.00) in compensation. Because no great power of the world enacted a law to invade a weak country, a great power has been destroyed all of the natural resources and manpower of the Republic of Vietnam without had compensation. How would you think about your American justice when you opened the war in the Republic of Vietnam? What would you realize super values of Americanism concerned with the study of moral value in the Vietnam War?

For that reason, General William Westmoreland was the commanding general of U.S. military forces in Vietnam when the United States Congress has approved Foreign Assistance in 1963. Indeed, the Vietnam War was just taking place, so General William Westmoreland was in the Republic of Vietnam in March 1964 when he was a highly decorated veteran of World War II and the Korean War. Furthermore, when Westmoreland first took command in Saigon; the United States had fewer than 17,000 military “advisors” helping for South Vietnam. Their job was to train and advise the Republic of Vietnam of Military in order to fight against communism and the Viet Cong. For Westmoreland continually pressed Washington to send combat troops, he came to the shores of Da Nang in March 1965, the American phase of the Vietnam War had animatedly begun. However, as President John F. Kennedy had predicted just a few years earlier — he quickly ordered sending his American soldiers that had 450.000 soldiers to the Republic of Vietnam in summer 1967, the American soldiers were fighting for anti-communism.

In the meanwhile, the Republic of Vietnam Military has strongly been attacking the Vietnamese communist soldiers. The enemy of the Republic of Vietnam and the United States were cut and run to escape in highlands. On other hands, the American soldiers were strongly finding out all of the Vietnamese peasants to transfer them to the free-zones of the Republic of Vietnam, but most of them were completely assassinated by the American soldiers and the Korean soldiers. For example, the Vietnamese common peasants were in the East Son Tinh District, Quang Ngai province; they were completely strongly gathered by the American soldiers as like My-Lai assassination took place in 1967. In the West Son Tinh District, Quang Ngai province, the innocent peasants were together concentrated in one place and assassinated by the Korean soldiers. Because of this time was the Phoenix Program of the United States of America was taking place for Central Intelligence Agency, the Phoenix Program is in operation between 1965 and 1972, and the result of the Phoenix Program has had been neutralization arresting for the 81,740 suspected VC operatives, in which were killed approximately between 26,000 and 41,000 Vietnamese communist spies. Ironically, all of them would highly like to adore their Republic of Vietnam, but, which are why they had left the Republic of Vietnam. Because of the coup of the year’s 1963 took place, they were secretly mobilized by the Vietnamese communist spies when the Southern soldiers did not follow where sides are. Therefore, the Southern soldiers have left their local governments and checkpoints. In the meanwhile, the Vietnamese communist guerillas were stood up and robbed whole local governments and checkpoints of South Vietnam.

The outcome of the coup did not only all lose the heart of the Southern people but also lost all of the battlefields and checkpoints. Therefore, the Vietnam War was eroded by the public world support for the Vietnam War, and then, in October 1967, Gallup found for the first time ever that more Americans (46 percent) thought that it had been a mistake to send U.S. troops to fight in Vietnam War than thought it hadn’t (44 percent). In condition, when Lyndon B. John has begun American President, he has nominated Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara. So the discussions inside the administration gave President Lyndon B. John no reason to believe that he would soon have good news for the American public. For Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, one of the architects of the Americanization of the war had concluded by the spring of 1967 that the war couldn’t be won and pressed Johnson to scale back the U.S. effort. Meanwhile, Westmoreland, with the support of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, argued that the war could be won, but only if he sent 200,000 more American troops to the Republic of Vietnam and enlarged the mid-air campaign.

In contrast, when President Nixon was won by his powerful term, he would change the Government of the United States of America policy. His Advisory who’s the Kissinger is born out a New World Orders when he has got the Republic of Vietnam to be a test- experience for his New World Orders. Therefore, the American war of the Vietnam War did not want any victories when he has torn shred Paris peace Accords and all of protocol international relations between the Republic of Vietnam and the American Government were too. Therefore, the seven hundred million dollars should be supporting the Republic of Vietnam, which was cut to stop by the United States Congress which is why the Republic of Vietnam is betrayed by the American Government allies. In proving, under Sections 552 © (2) and 614 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as Amended. Or so-called is Vietnam Failures we did to our selves says the Kissinger.

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