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Right Of Return – Amjad Almuti – Medium

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In 1948 following the creation of the Israeli state thousands of villages were expatriated exiling hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. Decades later, many Palestinians have left their home country after their villages and homes had been taken away from them. Excessive force by Israeli forces is used on Palestinians seeking to return to their houses including long-range snipers and tear gas drones. By doing this, the Israeli state is committing a crime by denying the right of return to Palestinians, which is based on a principle in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Geneva Convention which guarantees anyone to entry to their country of origin or citizenship. Even since the creation of the Israeli state, Palestinians have been struggling for this right.

Decades later, Palestinians have been apprehended and jailed for attempting to visit their land and their ancestors land. The UN has affirmed that Palestinians have the right to return to their homes in Resolution 194 calling the Israeli arrests and penalizations illegal. Israel has ignored these remarks and resolution, which is not a first considering their illicit wall barrier declared on the 9th of July, 2004 by the UN. Due to these cruel conditions, Palestinians are forced to flee their home country or live in small houses and tents in overfilled refugee camps. Hundreds of families are separated or ruined due to the horrible living standards imposed on the Palestinians by the State of Israel.

The Right of Return movement includes weekly protests along the border. The Israeli state has utilized excessive force on protesters, killing many innocent civilians and bystanders. Every week, the Right Of Return movement leads to many unjust injuries and deaths.

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