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How can I prevent abortion? A mansplainer video @spockosbrain

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How can I prevent abortion? A mansplainer video

by Spocko
As a man you’ve probably asked, “How can I prevent abortion?” Well, it’s easy! Watch this short video!

From my friends at the Benevolent Order of Nebraskans for Erection Reversal:
Keep It Limp for Life! (B.O.N.E.R. K.I.L.L.) For more info go to their website

So we at Pro-Life Nebraska think it is of utmost importance for people with sperm to learn about the hazards of irresponsible ejaculation and to understand that just because they have a boner, it is not too late to reverse it.

If you don’t want your sex partner to be able to choose to have an abortion, stop ejaculating in vaginas. Ejaculate elsewhere or nip that erection in the bud.

Save a life. Kill your boner.

The case they make is that men cause 100% of unwanted pregnancies. “In other words, every unwanted pregnancy occurred because someone decided that they wanted to irresponsibly ejaculate into a vagina.”

You can download the PDF brochure at their website

As a half-human half-Vulcan male I refrain from comments on human’s reproductive process, especially considering the Vulcan process.  However, it is more logical for men to control themselves first, when they have the opportunity to avoid the situation, than attempting to control women later.

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