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By The Ol’ Hippy, the Cynic

Good news first. I finally got my mailbox key yesterday and my new batch of books. Camus, Edward O. Wilson, Adorno, Derrida, a tasty assortment of writers to keep me busy. And I have to keep busy. …

…Because I can’t stand what’s going on in the world caused by the yahoos in our govt that act like drunk barroom bullies. Maybe things will simmer down and Trump won’t cave to the king psycho itching for war with Iran. Name one thing Bolton has done that didn’t turn to complete shit? No? I can’t either. Not one. Iraq is an utter disaster. He trashed to original deal that kept N, Korea from getting a nuke during Bush II’s regime. These mongrels from outer space are why I’m so cynical about the world. We could have a far nicer world than we have if the crazy imperialists would catch a nasty case of Ebola and die. But no, we have to suffer with their belligerence and watch TV every morning to see if a new war has broken out. I mean the Cold War ended in ’91 and these mad baboons still want war. I don’t. I want to relax and read good fiction or philosophy. Deleuze requires concentration with out fearing a new war that will disturb me. And with all the lies told in the ‘grand narrative’ war could happen at any time. I’m tired of endless war. So are most Americans if given the truth about things. Which they deserve. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy, The Cynic

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