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‘There’s No Fish to Catch’: Global Warming Upends Traditional Livelihoods in Sri Lanka

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A Sri Lankan stilt fisherman works on his pole in the southern town of Galle.

For Nataraja Kumar, 47, a fisherman from Guru Nagar, a sleepy coastal village in Sri Lanka’s north, it’s no longer possible to continue with his traditional livelihood.

“I went fishing as a 10-year-old boy with my father and grandfather. But I will not train my son to be a fisherman. There’s no fish to catch,” he tells Mongabay.

Fishing is Kumar’s only life skill, and he has five mouths to feed. Having failed to eke out a living in the past two years as a fisherman, Kumar is now slowly letting go of his traditional livelihood to work as a day laborer at a construction site in another town, earning around $3 a day to keep food on the table. Many other fishermen, he says, are making the same switch.

“The sea seems to have changed. We find less [fish] and fewer species,” Kumar says, adding that the northern waters no longer yield the highly popular black tiger prawns, a top seafood export.

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