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LarryCrim President Veterans Comprehensive Network Inc. announced on Armed Services Day — “Honoring our troops unites us as Americans. On #NationalArmedForcesDay we pay tribute to all the American soldiers serving or who’ve served in the cause of freedom and security — For All Americans. When called to duty, Americans back our soldiers and our country; and in so doing plead their cause to properly equip them and establish their life long care as our nation’s top priorities. God Bless Our American Soldiers.”

#PresidentTrump stated “Our courageous and vigilant Armed Forces safeguard the blessings of liberty for us and for future generations by selflessly answering the call of duty. Today, and every day, we acknowledge and celebrate all who proudly wear our Nation’s uniforms and the family members who face unique challenges as they tirelessly support them.”

Larry Crim MPA MA is a University of Tennessee, Middle Tennessee State University and Tennessee State University Alumnus. A 5th generation native Tennessean, Crim has toured all 95 counties of his home state from both political perspectives — “For ALL Tennesseans”. Mr. Crim is President of Veterans Comprehensive Network Inc. and Chair of Christian Counseling Centers of America Inc. For more information on Larry Crim, readers may refer to the facebookpage —

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