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The Iran War Is Official — What Happens Now? – Cameron Eittreim – Medium

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President Trump fired off a warning on Twitter after a rocket was close to U.S. officials.

Photo Courtesy of CNN

Tensions have been rising in the middle east for years now, and our current president is no slouch when it comes to keeping his mouth shut. Therefore a missile was fired by Shiite militants close to the U.S embassy in Baghdad. Donald Trump chose to jump onto Twitter immediately uttering the message “Never Threaten The U.S. Again.”

So, the Iran War is official. What happens next? Well, we get another wartime president. We ask ourselves what does a war with Iran accomplish? You have to wonder because there is no real interest for the U.S. in Iran. We are perfectly able to get our fossil fuel from other sources, and we also have more viable sources of renewable energy nowadays.

The U.S. is not making any new friends in recent years, and we have to wonder if Donald Trump’s hard-line military tactics are viable when the country is in debt, and our military strained. We accomplished nothing in Iraq, as the country is still a war-zone with no real economy or tourism coming into it.

Afghanistan is another place where we lost thousands of lives, but the result was a country that really cannot stand on its own two feet. Are we ready to invest millions in another war? What will we accomplish this time around, especially with Russia lurking around in the shadows?

I can’t imagine that a war with Iran is going to be much of a viable option by any means. Especially with the presidential election coming up this year, I tend to think that this is more of a ploy for Trump to win reelection. With the country at war, voters are more likely to stick with the current president, as was the case with Bush in 2004.

President Obama was able to maintain a certain level of peace during his presidency, and I think that Trump is going to reverse most of the progress made during the Obama administration. We have to ask ourselves, what is the war going to accomplish and why are we trying to strain our military resources thin once again.

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