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Instagram Images Exposed Ongoing Problems at One Georgia Jail

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The DeKalb County Jail.

In early April, Malaya Abdullah-Tucker shared screenshots of a video conference with inmates at DeKalb County Jail in Georgia on her Instagram account. The conferences are known as “remote visits,” through which inmates and their loved ones can stay in touch. The screenshots feature three men—one of whom is Abdullah-Tucker’s son—holding up lunch trays with handwritten messages like, “DeKalb Jail is mistreating us,” “We sleep and breathe mold,” and “Please help, we dying.”

Abdullah-Tucker urged other Instagram users to share the images to publicize the conditions at DeKalb County Jail—and it worked. As of this writing, the post has 8,909 likes and 3,436 comments. According to Abdullah-Tucker, DeKalb County Jail even took notice. Five days after posting the screenshots, she received word that guards at the jail had attacked her son and the two other men in the pictures. Facility administrators deny her allegations. (Multiple requests for comment from Pacific Standard to the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office ultimately went unanswered.)

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