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Why studying human rights does not make you a better person … a cynical outburst from a usually…

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The other night I saw “Hotel Ruanda”. By attending a human rights master, we are often advised to watch movies or keep ourselves informed about wars and genocides that have shaken the world.

We are in 1994: Genocide of Rwanda. I can’t remember how many deaths, I can’t imagine how many families and people killed. A scene in which a pickup truck must necessarily pass over bodies still hurt me. The image of myself, listening to the umpteenth definition of genocide, for the first time seems to me almost unfortunate.

There is something aseptic and incredibly cold in reading something through the law. A Polish lawyer in 1944 coined the word “genocide” by combining the prefix geno-, from the Greek race or tribe, with the suffix -cidio, from the Latin murder. I ask: “how many acts and how many people we need to have a genocide?”

Break from the lesson: coffee and brioche. The same exact thing happens in homes, there is a specific term to explain this, it’s called “The effect of the cynical spectator”, we are so used to seeing the tragic news that we have created a wall. We allow ourselves to simply return to our lives with what we left left a moment before. What snaps into our minds that makes us like to discard these uncomfortable thoughts by going back to opening the instagram page?

Suddenly I would like to ignore or forget notions such as the UN security Counsil, where only one veto, just one, is needed to prevent the intervention response from peacekeepers or military intervention from passing! How long does it take before the same organs that have been created to achieve peace and human dignity move and make certain something?

I wonder this with growing doubt and impotence. I had the illusion that by studying and deepening these topics I would have felt myself a better person, proud of what kind of address I was giving to my life. And yet I feel more and more abetter, now that I know, of errors perpetuated over time.

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