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My Dream Job – Tahir Mehmood – Medium

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In this world everybody have their dream job. Some people aim to get wealth. While some want to be famous. Some want to become an engineer, A lawyer, a doctor, a businessman or a political leader. Everybody has some aim in life. It is very important. Different people have different aims in their life according to their interest. I neither want wealth, nor fame, name and power. My only aim is to serve my motherland honesty, sincerely and lovingly. My ambition in become a soldier. I know it is not very easy, but serving the nation and its people is my dream.

The army life is so full of adventure, discipline, toughness and risk. I feel a can serve my beloved country best in this way. A soldier works with a mission. A soldier’s motto is to do or die. One has to be always very alert, active and dutiful. A soldier never wants a war, but if it is forced upon him he never looks back.

Soldiers sacrifice so many things and protect the people of a country. They are away from their families. A would really love to protect the propel and serve the country. Being in the army is an honorable thing and I want my parents to be proud of me for joining the army and serving my country.

My dream is to join Pakistan army. The reason behind my this dream is inspiring from the heroes, not those heroes who act in films and in drams. I inspired from the actual heroes of 1965 and 1971 wars inspired from the heroes of Kargil war, I inspired from the heroes of operation Rahe Nijat and operation Rahe Rast, I inspired from the operation of Zarb e Azab. There are many unknown heroes who sacrificed their life their family, their every thing for the country for the motherland for the Pakistan.

These all heroes are role model and inspirational personalities for me. I also want to go on the path of these heroes to serve for my country and sacrifices my very thing for my motherland for my Pakistan for Medina e Sani.

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