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Military Veteran Reunited with K-9 Best Friend

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SAN ANTONIO — It’s no secret the bond between man’s best friend and their owners runs pretty deep, especially if both served together in the military. However, many times K-9s and their handlers end up getting separated during the call of duty.

  • Retired K-9 reunited with previous handler
  • Brought together by American Humane

When reunions happen, it’s a sight that never gets old.

“When I left him, it’s like leaving your best friend behind, so now that I have him back it just feels complete. So now I’ve got my buddy to hang out with every day,” retired United States Marine Corps Corporal Aaron Stice said.

Seven-year-old Kkeaton was originally trained at Lackland Air Force Base, and now that his former handler is working at the same spot, their reunion is paw-fection.

“I had him for about three years, so about three and a half years ago I got him,” Stice said. “He was at Camp Pendleton when I got there and I initially started at Camp Pendleton after I was out of the military. I went back there as a civilian as a police officer. He’s named after one of my friends that was killed in action on our last deployment together.”

Their reunion was all thanks to the organization American Humane, and they’ve been doing it for a really long time.

“American Humane is the oldest of all the humane organizations in the United States. We’re first to serve. Serving in military affairs goes back to the first World War,” Lesa Staubus, a veterinarian said.

Staubus made the cross-country journey with Kkeaton from California to San Antonio.

“I just can’t tell you the joy I’m feeling now in seeing him right where he belongs, which is in the hands of someone who loves him and knows how to handle him because he’s a handful,” she said.

He’s a handful that this family is more than ready to get home.

“He’s going to go home, he’s going to have two sisters at home, so I have another Belgian Malinois and a Red Heeler as well. We finally got our boy and everything is complete now,” Stice said.

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