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Defence Secretary unveils new ‘National Carrier Policy’

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The Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt today unveiled a National Carrier Policy in order to address an “uncertain and challenging world”.

In her maiden speech at the Royal United Services Institute Sea Power Conference, she also confirmed that she was “not going to be shy about asking for more money”.

The Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt recently said “we should decisively increase the proportion of GDP we devote to defence.”

“Any additional funds would of course need to be for new capabilities and not simply plugging gaps in existing plans,” Mr Hunt said.

Mordaunt pushed back against suggestions that defence spending should rise to 4% of GDP, instead saying the number should be driven by capability requirements.

Her new carrier strategy will, among other things, ensure the UK has “one carrier at readiness at all times”.

“If our future fleet is to respond to growing future demands we need to do much more. We have done a great deal to drive out inefficiencies in defence, but there is more for us to do” she said.

She also criticised previous Strategic Defence and Security Reviews, saying “What is the point of methodically reviewing threats and tasks, formulating capability and then not delivering it?”

Mordaunt pledged to “end the vicious cycle of undelivered SDSRs”.

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