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San Francisco Police Raided a Freelance Journalist’s Home. Was It Legal?

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Law enforcement obtained a search warrant for journalist Bryan Carmody’s home and office to uncover the source of a leaked police report.

On Friday, May 10th, freelance journalist Bryan Carmody awoke to police officers using a sledgehammer on the gate to his home in San Francisco. After Carmody allowed the police inside, they seized a variety of items, including computers, phones, and flash drives from his home and office. Carmody was detained in handcuffs for roughly five hours while police searched his home, KQED reports.

They were searching for the source of a leaked police report that Carmody had sold to three TV news stations, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The police report concerned the events surrounding the death of San Francisco public defender Jeff Adachi in February at age 59. Adachi was known for being a watchdog of police conduct, the Chronicle reportsJust hours after his death, information from the leaked police report—including that Adachi had died from accidental overdose of cocaine and alcohol—appeared on various news stations.

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