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Judge suppresses video of Patriots’ Robert Kraft at spa

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May 13 (UPI) — A Florida judge on Monday granted New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft‘s motion to suppress a surveillance video in his solicitation case.

Palm Beach County Judge Leonard Hasner ruled to suppress all evidence obtained through a search warrant to take part in surveillance at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Fla., stating police failed to meet the guidelines of the warrant.

“Video surveillance is a constant form of search that takes place over an extended period of time and for that reason, it often captures innocent behavior that is intended to be private,” Hasner said.

Hasner’s ruling stated that the search warrant did not describe the places where cameras were to be installed, nor did it address how to minimize the impact on video surveillance of female spa clients.

He also found the warrant failed to include minimization techniques regarding how monitors should respond to viewing male clients receiving lawful services as detective-monitors testified they were only directed to look for illegal activity and were given no further written guidelines.

“The court finds that the search warrant does not contain required minimization guidelines and that minimization techniques employed in this case did not satisfy constitutional requirements,” Hasner wrote.

Monday’s ruling doesn’t directly affect the public release of the video of Kraft’s visit to the parlor, Hasner previously ruled the video wont be released until after the case is adjudicated.

Kraft, 77, is one of 25 men accused of paying for sex at the spa. Prosecutors allege he solicited a prostitute from the massage parlor on at least two occasions. He has denied any wrongdoing.

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