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Congress Subpoenas Trump’s Taxes: Politics Daily

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Meanwhile, Senator Kamala Harris has said on the campaign trail that America’s education system is badly in need of reform. But her solutions aren’t specific.

Curtain Call: During a CNN town hall on Thursday night, James Comey told a national audience that “the Department of Justice has a duty of candor to the courts and to Congress.” But the former FBI director’s commitment to transparency might also have been his undoing, writes Russell Berman.

Team Players: In the Trump era, even sports receptions have become political, writes Elaina Plott. And the Red Sox’s Thursday visit to the White House was no different: In the hours before the ceremony, more than 10 Red Sox players, all Latino or African American, announced that they would not attend.

To No Avail: After two high-profile summits between the U.S. and North Korea, a slew of love letters, and multiple meetings and joint statements, it appears that President Trump’s bet on reaching a deal with Kim Jong Un might not pay off, writes Uri Friedman: “We’ve now descended to the point at which all that is keeping diplomacy with North Korea from collapsing is how many miles its missiles are flying.”

— Elaine Godfrey


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Anti-abortion protesters rally near a Planned Parenthood clinic in Philadelphia on Friday, May 10. The demonstration was spurred by the actions of a Democratic state lawmaker who recorded himself berating an anti-abortion demonstrator at length outside the clinic.

Ideas From The Atlantic

America’s Biggest Newspaper 70 Years Ago Sounded a Lot Like Trump Today (Matthew Pressman)

“The paper’s current left-wing politics have obscured the fact that it helped fashion a brand of right-wing populism in the years just before the president’s birth in 1946, and during his childhood, that Trump eventually rode to power.” → Read on.

The Last Family-Owned Daily in Mississippi (James Fallows)

“Like other small-town, local papers, it is in worse shape than it was a decade ago. Then, its daily paid circulation was around 16,000. Now it’s between 13,000 and 14,000.” → Read on.

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