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What We Can Learn From the Dramatic Dip in Divorce Among Millennials

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The latest census figures show an 18 percent drop in the divorce rate among Millennials compared with earlier generations at the same ages. It’s the first decline in divorce rates in more than a century. To a sociologist like me—I study marriage and divorce patterns—this is stunning news.

But it shouldn’t be.

Millennials act differently from their parents—and, sometimes, that’s because of their parents. The Baby Boom generation has had the highest divorce rate in recorded American history, but it’s also the only generation that has increased its divorce rate as the Boomers aged into their 60s and beyond. A large number of Millennials experienced household and emotional instability growing up, and they didn’t like it.

In fact, they disliked it so much that other trends have followed. Women began marrying later. And, looking at the sudden impoverishment of their mothers after divorce, women decided to become much more economically self-sufficient. They increased their number of years in school or in vocational training partly so they could take care of themselves. Men, too, married later and extended their years of schooling. And everyone faced a daunting economy as they left high school or college. This became the era of the unpaid internship and middle-class and upper-middle-class kids taking low-wage jobs they would have scorned in another economy.

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