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What It’s Like to Grow Up Surrounded by Fragments of Your Past

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Staying connected is easy. Right now I’m more than 2,000 miles from home, but thanks to Wi-Fi, I can send reams of information to family and friends with just my fingertips. Thanks to photos, videos, and text messages, we no longer need to update one another through ritualistic small talk when we meet.

I’m still only 21, so maybe I don’t truly understand what it means to be nostalgic. But even at my age, I realize that, in a world where all of us are easily connected, it can sometimes be harder to miss things, at least in the most literal sense. There are very few things we can’t get access to even with time or distance separating us, or few things we can’t find in an archive.

It’s now easy to bring back our past. Most people’s social media accounts have photos and personal information from so far back that friends I met this year can see photos of me from years ago. They can see what songs I listened to and what authors I cared about. They can peek into my life even when they weren’t there for it. It’s like an online archive of our personal histories, streamlined through a few clicks. Distance seems to matter less too, regardless how far away our friends move.

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