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How Gen Z Is Solving America’s Crisis of Isolation

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Though Gen Z is the least religious generation in living memory, young people are deeply engaged in questions of belonging and meaning—but often far outside of recognizably spiritual spaces.

Together with my colleagues at Harvard Divinity School, we’ve found Millennials and Gen Z’ers building deep connections in gyms, fan communities, arts groups, and maker spaces.

Many of these young people exhibit behaviors that you’d usually associate with a congregation. Weddings are celebrated in workout spaces, with the trainers as celebrants. These pastoral roles are a far cry from what fitness instructors have trained for, but these responsibilities speak to the limited venues where young people feel they can bring questions of ultimate importance.

In our conversations with the founders of CrossFit and SoulCycle, among many other community leaders, we’ve found a growing consciousness of the multiple functions these new communities provide. Six recurring themes have appeared: personal transformation, social transformation, purpose-finding, accountability, creativity, and, of course, community. Here, the connection depends less on shared identity, and more on shared practice.

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