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Generation Z Should Give Religion a Second Chance

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As I write this, I am five months into mononucleosis. Rather than enjoying my senior year of college, I have quit my jobs and taken a leave of absence. Instead of flying around the country to research my thesis, I spend most of my time on the couch. Exhaustion threatens to overwhelm me constantly.

Perhaps I seem at a low point. I am not. I find myself at the center of a community that constantly reminds me I am loved. Every day I laugh at a funny card, or hear the ding of a text asking how I’m doing. I’ve grown up in several churches, and each has maintained its supportive role. My church family mourns with me when I become sicker and celebrates when I enjoy renewed energy. Because of them, I do not feel isolated. When I feel most down, their kindness lifts me, and mono doesn’t seem as bad.

My experience may be unusual for someone of my demographic. I live in one of the least religious areas in the country. As my childhood pastor often remarked, just 10 percent of Marin County, north of San Francisco, claims religious membership. My friends and even some of my family never understood why I loved church and invested in a relationship with God. But I think if they understood what it’s like—having an army of people to cheer you, mourn with you, and, above all, love you unconditionally—they would want a church family too. If they understood the joy of answered prayer, or the solace of whispered conversation with God, I think they would be curious about faith as well.

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