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Gen Z’ers Are More Cautious Online Than Previous Generations

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I’m a Millennial with a compliment for Generation Z. I think you’re more cautious about the Internet than my generation is. You are more discerning about what, and with whom, you share your private thoughts and photos. Fox News, the BBC, and the Washington Post have all asked, “Is Privacy Dead?” Your generation doesn’t think so.

After interviews with more than 35 of you, and interactions with countless others, I see how different you in Gen Z are from many of those in Generation X (now in our late 30s through early 50s) and from us in Gen Y (aka Millennials, now in our mid-20s through late 30s). Generations X and Y marveled at the novel landscape of the Internet, embracing social media and rushing to fill the voids with our thoughts, “likes,” and opinions. You who grew up with phones in your hands learned early not to blindly trust the Internet. You knew that someone who’s up to no good might be watching you.

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