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What We Know About Trump’s Pick to Lead ICE

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Mark Morgan testifies at a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing during his tenure as chief of Border Patrol in November of 2016.

President Donald Trump announced on Sunday that his new pick to lead Immigration and Customs Enforcement is Mark Morgan, a law enforcement veteran who oversaw Border Patrol during the final months of the Obama administration. The move came several weeks after Trump withdrew his nomination of former acting ICE director Ronald Vitiello to lead the agency, saying he wanted to move in a “tougher direction.”

Morgan’s nomination is in some ways surprising: He has expressed support for immigration reform in the past, and he was forced to resign just a day after Trump‘s inauguration. But in the months since his departure, Morgan has appeared intent on proving his loyalty to the president, going on TV to defend Trump‘s hardline views and voice his support for the border wall. Trump seems to have taken notice: The week after withdrawing Vitiello’s nomination, he tweeted that Morgan had urged him to “stay the course” with immigration policy.

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