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Radio Atlantic: Is Politics Funny Anymore?

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Last weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner was the first one in years without a comedian. In the Trump era, comedians have struggled to adjust — are things too serious? Too biased? Too absurd? Is any of it funny anymore?

Jordan Klepper has been on three very different political comedy shows in three years. He was a fake news correspondent on The Daily Show, then a parody conspiracy theorist on The Opposition, to now playing himself in a new documentary series called simply: Klepper. He joins staff writer Isaac Dovere to discuss the state of political comedy (and why he went from parodying Alex Jones to getting strip-searched in Georgia).

Listen for:

  • How political comedy has changed in the Trump presidency

  • Why he chose to go from telling very fake stories on his parody conspiracy theorist show to very real stories of underrepresented groups (and how he turns that into comedy)

  • What led to him getting arrested and strip-searched for one of his episodes


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