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US military news: Trump shows off warships in ‘message to Russia’ | World | News

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The US displayed its own show of force after deploying two warships to the Mediterranean in response to Russia’s increased presence across the seas. A video from CNN gives an in-depth look at the two Nimitz-class aircraft carriers, the USS Abraham Lincoln and the John C Stennis, which are set to conduct operations “on a scale unseen since 2016”. CNN’s Frederik Pleitgen said the decision to also bring America’s Ambassador to Russia along to the launch of the warships was a “clear signal to Russia”.

Jon Huntsman, the US Ambassador to Russia, said: “When you have 200,000 tonnes of diplomacy that is cruising in the Mediterranean – this is what I call diplomacy – this is forward deployed diplomacy.

“Nothing else needs to be said.

“You have all the confidence you need when you sit down and you try to find solutions to the problems that have divided us now for many years.”

One naval officer insisted it is “very important” that the US Navy becomes “more lethal”.

Rear Admiral John Wade said: “Our senior leadership has mandated that our navy become more lethal, more tactically proficient.

“It’s very important in the area of competition that we are in.”

Russia’s military is also continuing to expand with the addition of three new warships and four submarines to its fleet.

The new vessels will be joined by a further seven ships which are undergoing repairs and refurbishment in naval shipyards in Severodvinsk.

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said: “In 2019, the shipbuilding program of enterprises integrated into the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) stipulates the construction of seven combat ships, including three nuclear-powered submarines and one diesel-electric sub, and the completion of the repairs of seven warships and vessels.

“The completion of the construction and the delivery of the nuclear-powered underwater cruisers Knyaz Vladimir and Kazan to the Navy are top-priority tasks for the United Shipbuilding Corporation, Sevmash and some design organisations.

“On the instruction of the supreme commander-in-chief, the entire amount of work has to be completed this year.

“These ships will define the future outlook of our underwater fleet and will help raise Russia’s defence potential and strengthen its positions in the World Ocean.”

Prior to the arrival of two US warships, the US cranked up further tensions with Russia at the start of the month after Washington stepped up plans to block Turkey from purchasing a military aircraft from Moscow.

The Pentagon has suspended Ankara from receiving a delivery of the F-35 fighter aircraft from the Kremlin’s missile defence system.

Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Mike Andrews, a Defense Department spokesman, said in a statement: ”Pending an unequivocal Turkish decision to forgo delivery of the S-400, deliveries and activities associated with the stand-up of Turkey’s F-35 operational capability have been suspended.”

However Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has refused to back down from Ankara’s planned purchase of a Russian defence system, despite US concerns its would compromise the security of F-35 aircraft.

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