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Tackle Today: What the military taught me about investing

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Washington inspecting the captured colors after the battle of Trenton / Contributor Names: Moran, Percy, 1862–1935, artist / Created-Published c1914 Aug. 10. / Source:

≈ Structure and discipline to face the unknown. ≈

I love the Trading Justice podcast drops. It’s great to hear bits and pieces of wisdom-and humor-in no more than 2 minutes.

There was this one drop in particular that had a great impact on me (check the Video Of The Day).

“Three reasons why military vets make great investors and entrepreneurs:

(1) Structure
(2) Discipline
(3) Ability to take the unknown step”

That is the truth in both the military and trading/investing worlds. You can’t take any necessary steps towards the unknown without structure and discipline. You can’t have discipline without structure. And in order to build structure, you have to have discipline. Try to remove one and the Trinity does not sustain itself. Clockwork.

I am not a military veteran myself but I come from a family that is mostly composed of military men, including my father and most of my mother’s side of the family. Many veterans and a few war heroes. They fought in many of the battles that took place in Brazil during the transition from Monarchy to Republic and also during World War II alongside the Allies in Italy.

Structure, discipline and the ability to take the unknown step were part of my upbringing. I’d never know they would play such an important role many years later when I decided to set up my own business and start a trading career.

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