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Woman Who Sparked Outrage After Targeting 74-Year-Old MAGA Man Is Now Missing, Police Involved

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A Palo Alto, California, woman who made national news after her verbal attack on a man wearing a “Make America Great Again Hat” went viral is now officially a missing person.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office announced that Rebecca Parker Mankey did not return to Palo Alto after a visit to Lake County, SF Gate reported.

The department indicated that it was being assisted by police in Aberdeen, Washington, because Mankey’s cell phone placed her in that area on Friday.

In early April, Mankey berated a man for wearing a MAGA hat while inside a Palo Alto Starbucks. She later lost her job because of the incident, which received national publicity.

San Francisco’s KPIX-TV had interviewed the man, known as Victor, about the incident.

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Police do not suspect foul play in her disappearance, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

“We have nothing that makes us think she’s at risk. We’ve determined from the people we’ve talked to that she is voluntarily missing,” said Sgt. Aaron Clark of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Sgt. Darrin King of the Aberdeen Police Department said officers there are on the lookout for her. “Sometimes people just don’t want to be found; not that they’re going to do anything wrong, they just don’t want to be contacted,” he said Sunday.

King said if she is found, officers will ensure she is safe and not being held against her will.

Mankey, 46, boasted about her verbal attacks against a 74-year-old man.

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“Anybody in Palo Alto know this freak? He was sitting in Starbucks. I think he lives in Palo Alto. He will never forget me and will think seriously about wearing that hat in my town ever again,” Mankey posted on Facebook at the time.

Does this incident prove that hate begets hate?

The berated man told a similar story.

“This woman comes over, and she says, ‘Is that a Trump hat?’ I said, ‘I think it is, yes,’” Victor told NBC. He said she turned to other customers and said, “Hey, everybody. Come over here. Let’s get this guy! He’s a hater! I’m calling him out! He hates brown people. He’s a Nazi.”

Mankey’s actions cost her the leadership role she had with the Bayshore Progressive Democrats, the group had said on its Facebook page.

“Earlier today, the officers of the Bayshore Progressive Democrats (BPD) received and accepted Parker Mankey’s resignation as co-chair, officer, and member of our organization. From the standpoint of BPD, this matter is now closed,” the group posted.

“Bayshore Progressive Democrats seeks a world that works for everyone, where all humans have a chance to realize their full potential and to live lives of dignity. Harassment and abuse are inconsistent with these values, and we reject the use of such tactics in civil society,” the organization also posted.

In another post, the group indicated why Mankey may be hiding.

“As a result of publicity surrounding her actions, today she and her family members were doxxed (had personal contact revealed to encourage threats and harassment) on right-wing social media and internet channels. She and her family have received multiple death threats and other threats of injury and harm, and is losing her employment,” BPD also posted.

“Parker felt strongly that she wanted to use her privilege as a white woman to stand up for those who are living in fear because of the hateful atmosphere fostered by Trump. Unfortunately the manner in which she chose to stand up against a slogan that stands for racism led to an even stronger hateful response that has endangered her and her family,” the group added.

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