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Sarah Sanders Fires Back at CNN Analyst for Suggesting Her Head Be Lopped Off

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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders on Monday lashed out at CNN contributor April Ryan for attacking Sanders in a comment in which Ryan called for “lopping the heads off.”

Ryan was reacting to an item in the report of special counsel Robert Mueller.

The report said that although Sanders told the media “countless” FBI agents supported the removal of former FBI Director James Comey, when interviewed by Mueller’s team she called the phrase “a slip of the tongue” and a comment made “in the heat of the moment” without any factual foundation.

Ryan used that to call for Sanders to be ousted.

“Not only does she not have any credibility left, she lied. She outright lied and the people, the American people, can’t trust her. They can’t trust what’s said from the president’s mouthpiece, spokesperson, from the people’s house,” Ryan said Thursday, according to The Hill.

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“When there is a lack of credibility there, you have to start and start lopping the heads off. It’s ‘Fire Me Thursday’ or ‘Fire Me Good Friday.’ She needs to go,” Ryan said.

On Monday, Sanders said that even for Ryan, a long-running critic of the Trump White House, the comment marked a new low.

“I’ve had reporters say a lot of things about me. They said I should be choked, they said I deserve a lifetime of harassment but I certainly have never had someone say that I should be decapitated,” Sanders said during a Monday morning appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

“This takes us to a new low even for the liberal media. It just once again proves why this journalist isn’t taken seriously,” Sanders said.

Sanders said the comment shows how far the liberal media has drifted.

Sanders said the Mueller report is now in the past, and the administration’s focus is on the future.

“I think our team needs to remain focused on how we keep pushing those things that actually help Americans and not engage in these petty fights with journalists simply that, again, shouldn’t be taken seriously,” she said.

“I don’t think [they] are taken seriously and are looking for couple more minutes on TV,” she said, later adding, “And frankly, I think it’s time to move on.”

“Frankly, I feel sorry for them. They lost the collusion battle,” said Sanders, referencing the multiple media reports that assumed the Mueller report would find evidence that the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia heading into the 2016 election.

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Have you lost confidence in the mainstream media?

No evidence was found.

Sanders said that Democrats who keep focusing on the Mueller report are missing the opportunity to work with Trump to address the nation’s ills.

“I think that the country is going to benefit a great deal by having President Trump for another six years. And I think it’s sad what Democrats are doing. They have the option, they could be working with the president to solve some of the big problems,” Sanders said.

“So far, the president’s done it on his own, but he’d be happy to work with Democrats and see that impact double,” Sanders said.

“Continuing to attack the president is not a winning message.”

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