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Bani Qaiss — Almzahirah workgroup.

Waleed Sharoof Ali is a 22 year old young man , is the only bread winner od his family .He lives in Bani Qaiss district ,Amzahirah group observer who has a family of seven members with his mother and grandfather .Unfortunately his father was killed during the war one year ago leaving all the responsibility on the shoulder of his son ,Ahmed , the hero of our story .

As a soldier in the Yemeni army and because of the death of his father , the family has no source of income at all , but Ahmed the eldest one of his family members , the high school graduate boy who has no chance to work in a poor village suffering from the current war conflict .

Migrating to Saudi Arabia is the only solution for the family to survive , However , how can I pay the visa fees ” Said Ahmed , The only way is smuggling with its horrible risks to save my family.”

Actually CFW project is a life saver for Ahmed and his family as well . By being selected as one of the beneficiaries in the project in his village workgroup, Ahmed destination has changed totally. He got a work opportunity to support his family by the salary he gets at the end of each month, not only this but also contributing to the improvement of his village by the type of activity the beneficiaries implement during the project duration. Before the project the only thing he was thinking of is how support his family and provide them with the simplest needs not thinking at all of his surroundings. However , through his work as a member of the workgroup in CFW project in his village his mind was elaborated to think of the whole environment around him.

Ahmed has no word to express his happiness in participating in drilling the manual well for his village , it was really tiring bringing the water from the nearby village walking for long distances about 1 kilometer and a half. But now it is different. The villagers can get water easily from the their village in maximally 15 minutes where the manual well is about half kilometer away from their houses.

Removing the harmful bushes that spread very quickly in their village surrounding the villagers’ houses was a very critical activity implemented there for saving the lives of people there as these harmful bushes is a very good environment for the poisonous snakes to grow in.

Also, rehabilitating the village road that connects the village road with the main road was one of the essential thing to achieve now, the villagers are moving easily through this road to and from the other surrounding places particularly when they have emergencies and if they are in hurry. Being the observer of the workgroup gave him a big chance to learn many leadership skills that helped him to lead his family members properly. The salary he gets is another successful story, it does not only fill the needs of his family but also , he could build a small room for the family to live in , so they are not afraid of hot and cold weather again .CFW project has reborn the hope again . It was really wrong thinking of travelling and escaping from reality.

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