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Eric Swalwell Accused of Sexism over Insulting Response to Dana Loesch

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Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Eric Swalwell of California appeared to shoot himself in the foot Friday with tweeted comments that said debating National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch was beneath him.

Swalwell, who has made gun control a major part of his campaign, told Loesch on Twitter, “I don’t aim down, so I don’t debate mouthpieces.”

Loesch said his insulting dismissal of her was sexist, and many observers backed her up.

Swalwell has offered loose talk about confiscating firearms. On Tuesday, Loesch jabbed him about the lack of specifics in his supposed plan.

“You said you would jail law-abiding gun owners if they didn’t turn in their lawfully owned firearms. How do you plan to confiscate guns?” she wrote in one tweet.

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“BTW — @ericswalwell has dodged legitimate questions about his gun confiscation-and-jail policy for quite some time,” Loesch said in another.

Swalwell responded Friday by denigrating Loesch without providing any specifics about his plan.

Was Rep. Eric Swalwell sexist in his response to Dana Loesch?

“Ms. Loesch — I see you’ve spent another day blowing up my Twitter. Thank you for following! But here’s the deal, you’re an @nra mouthpiece. I don’t aim down, so I don’t debate mouthpieces,” he tweeted.

The congressman said he would only debate NRA President Oliver North.

Loesch rebuked Swalwell for his response.

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“I didn’t spend a day, I tweeted you several times responding to *you* a couple days ago, so by your own logic you blew up MY mentions all day. Your response is pretty sexist — you’ll debate a man but not me, a woman, got it. I’m a mom and a lifetime member,” she tweeted.

Swalwell said the NRA was guilty of cowardice if it did not want to have North debate him.

Loesch then responded with a line from Doc Holliday in the movie “Tombstone.”

Twitter users, however, upbraided Swalwell for his slap at Loesch and said it was Swalwell who seemed to be afraid.

Swalwell previously suggested nuclear weapons might be used against Americans if they resisted gun confiscation by the federal government.

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