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Alleviation of division and suffering by stopping war & war-making

Our Task: Establishing Security by bringing sides together to stop the War Machine

What can I hope to accomplish by writing my heartfelt thoughts into the void of the Internet? Whenever I start a piece, a swirl of big questions on the usual topics, such as the fate of the world at this singular historical moment, confound a mind seeking answers instead of waiting endlessly at the rhetorical:

How can any of us hope to change the downward path followed by a political and economic Establishment pursuing its interests through war and strife, while the vast majority of us outside the Establishment simply desire peace and stability? Can real security be won through aggression? Can the world be saved from catastrophic climate change by pursuing the same course of power politics and military force of the past 100 years? Can the complex system of problems facing the world be solved by one dominant ideology, while other ideologies are marginalized, excluded, and worse? Is what’s needed something totally yet unthought, some singularly new idea, or have we already that which is needed, only waiting for the right moment upon which to collectively act?

An objective look at this historical moment reveals patterns resembling past eras. The instability of a Western Establishment, shaken by the unsteadiness of markets encountering challenge from outside nations or powerful opposing interests, results in the marshaling of resources to attack such challenges. This recurrent scheme, hatched by the political elite to compensate for their mismanagement of society, must be sold to the public, most of whom are simply trying to live their lives without involving themselves beyond the here and now.

A century ago this pattern emerged when the “Concert of Europe” became heavily tilted towards a culturally and economically dominant Germany impeding on the established harmony of European colonial domination of the world. Britain and France (as well as the growing western US power) engineered a confrontation, which led to a harsh conflagration. Germany was harshly punished economically, which ultimately led to the German people’s radicalization, while the winning financiers established a new way to manage politics. A generation was destroyed in the aftermath, casting the world economy into a deep depression and insecurity, from which rose authoritarian regimes inherent in using force to reestablish security of an imagined bygone era.

The horrid destruction and genocides of WWII ended with a dichotomy pitting US monopoly capitalism in opposition with the Soviet communist society, two total ideologies wielding great economic and military power to a stalemate. The recovery of Security by the western democracies from the horrible destruction of WWII came via Keynesian infusion of government money into programs directly benefitting people struggling to survive through Social Security.

However, such programs benefitting ordinary citizens were found to challenge the power of the capitalist class intent on maintaining power. Instead of infusing society with Keynesian flows of cash and growing egalitarianism, the flow of government capital was consciously directed to the expansion of weaponry and war-making, vastly increasing capitalists power and weakening public security.

The fall of the Soviet system some 30 years ago seemingly should have led to a resetting of the world system to one more harmonious and free from militarism and aggression. Yet, this economic pipeline was widened and greatly increased, growing a global militarism which uses itself as the raison d’etre of Security and necessitates enemies for which to can justify itself.

The war making machine itself is our greatest INSECURITY, one which requires that the entire population be brainwashed into dependency, one supported through a continual campaign of manufactured existential fear. While the West harps on the statistics of this most peaceful time in history, anyone with eyes can see the extreme violent precipice upon which the world system now stands, one which has been brought upon the world periphery because the very economic system destroying the environment depends on the continued expansion of big ticket weaponry and military spending.

We have literally created the system in which we will destroy ourselves unless we come to our senses. For beyond simply the increased threat of the use of nuclear weapons, the War Machine necessitates the continuance of old ways of ordering society around consumption, advertising, individualism, etc. Anything which counters these established routes for control are seen as a challenge.

Yet, they paradoxically offer the best evidence from which the public can see the cracks in the matrix. For they show the narratives used by the elite to maintain the War Machine require equating & fearing such disparate things as Terrorism, Socialism, Fascism, Russian Influence, Chinese Expansion, Globalism. Depending on who the audience is, these flash words are used to instill fear, yet these messages come from the same source, one which seeks to maintain the illusion that Security can only be won through the War Machine.

Any kind of challenge to the War Machine, such as the Yellow Vests or the protests at Davos or of mega pipelines, must be cast by the corporatist media as an enemy of the system blamed on (choose a flash-word), to be endlessly repeated in cyberspace and increasingly amplified by non-persons in the form of automated or managed Social Network accounts, all to maintain the illusion of overwhelming support. To blame one country or one actor for this, while ignoring the participation of all in this 21st century system of control, is naive at best, disingenuous at worst.

We are confronted by the desire to remain asleep within this Matrix or to awaken to the reality that the System within which we seek to maintain Security, is precisely that which must be dismantled in order to survive. Virtually every political issue has the War Machine as controlling its underlying logic. Freed from the need to continue to feed the War beast and to invent and confront new enemies, the solutions to our political problems become far more realistic towards dealing with Climate Change, Inequality, and increasing Human cooperation.

It turns out we do not need some new fanciful idea, technology, or world saving innovation to save ourselves from the insecurity of Catastrophic Climate Change, but simply the application of an age old moral logic applied not simply to ourselves, but to all of our institutions and societies. It is as simple as the Golden Rule, one which must be applied to all:

Treat others the way in which you would want to be treated yourself.

Think of how such logic applied to any institution supporting the War Machine would be rendered obviously immoral.

Would we be allocating $1 Trillion in borrowed money towards nuclear weapons, or to new fighter planes, or to continued decades-long wars to confront hostile nations or existential threats?

Would a system now experiencing the greatest disparity between the wealthy and the poor be able to survive the laugh test as it explains the need to spend more on bombs dropped in the Middle East than to solve domestic homelessness or infant mortality?

Would societies such as the US or Western European nations recognize the amount of suffering they are inflicting upon the rest of the world through continual warfare? Through continual economic sanctions? Through continual political meddling? Through continual other blaming and self aggrandizing?

We must dismantle the system which perpetuates War. It is this system which perpetuates resource extraction and fossil fuel burning driving Climate Change, and which inhibits alternate ways of living and existing in the world sustainably. It is this system which relegates most of the world to become dependencies of US and European nations. It is this system which has visited untold violence and oppression upon those whom live where material resources needed to feed the machine.

This is our task, to confront in the real world, not simply from our devices connected in cyberspace, but in the here and now, the War Machine. We must show up to be counted, for we have little recognition of just how large a majority share the same moral logic until we see our vast numbers filling every street.

We may very well find out we all desire the Golden Rule applied to the War Machine. The very act of standing up to be counted makes so obvious our unity that no amount of disinformation or dissembling or cybercounting can keep the War Machine illusion going.

Time to wake up sleepyheads and get out of bed.

The sooner we start, the sooner we can start the Celebration.

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