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Who’s the Ultimate Badass in the Game Of thrones? – Marilyn Regan – Medium

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The Most Evil Will Win.

Game of Thrones, Winter is Coming/Pixabay

Spring is here for most of us, but I am so happy to report that winter has once again returned.

Welcome back Game of Thrones.

The struggle between good an evil has ensued as this epic drama launches its eighth and final season.

But after the first episode, the game may not be a good vs. evil contest, but a contest of evil vs. most evil.

The main badass is the Night King. No argument there.

But who will fight him? I conjecture that there is only one human evil enough to give him a good fight and maybe even win: Cersei Lannister. Even as a mortal woman, she is as much of a force as he is.

Although they are not two peas in a pod, they are cut out of the same cloth. They both want total control and no one can walk away from either of them.

She would certainly take on the Night King if he dares to march south to Kings’ Landing. She’s not running away and she’s not buying into the Armegeddon theory, despite having seen a wight.

“Take that Jon Snow! I am not impressed.”

True, she is outnumbered by about a million to one, but she’s never not gotten what she wants and right now she wants to keep the iron throne, produce a Lannister heir, and kill her two siblings.

We’ll see about the latter.

You have to wonder, is she going to turn into a zombie or melt the Night King into a mere puddle and walk over him? She does have a way of reducing her enemies down to their most common denominator. The king seems to thrive in the cold of the north, so maybe the warmer weather won’t agree with him or his corpses.

Jon is strong, Daenerys has scruples, but neither have the experience or motivation of Cersei Lannister. Of all the characters, she could very well be the one that defeats him.

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