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Bulgaria seizes yet another Iranian truck trying to smuggle Heroin across its borders

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Bulgarian customs officers display part of 712 kg of heroin, Sept. 29, 2018, in Kapitan Andreevo. The drugs were found in Iranian trucks. On April 18, 2019, prosecutors said Bulgarian officials had confiscated more than 288 kg of heroin from another truck from Iran. PHOTO AP.

Bulgarian customs officials have confiscated more than 288 kilograms (635 pounds) of heroin hidden on a truck from Iran, prosecutors announced Thursday. Haskovo regional prosecutor announced, the Iranian truck driver and a Turkish man, who was said to receive the drugs in Bulgaria — were arrested and charged with drug trafficking, risking 15 to 20 years jail terms.

The drugs were placed in 144 packages hidden inside the floor and ceiling of a spray painting machine transported inside the truck. It was found when the vehicle was X-rayed upon entering Bulgaria from Turkey at the southeastern Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint on Sunday, but the seizure was announced Thursday.

Bulgaria, which lies on the so-called Balkan drug route from the Middle East to Western Europe, has seen a several-fold increase in heroin seizures over the past three years.

In September 2018, the customs agency confiscated a total of 994 kilos of heroin, which included over 712 Kilos found in two Iranian truck passing over the Turkish border into Bulgaria, at the Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint. The trucks were bound for Austria. This is said to have been the biggest heroin haul in the agency’s history.

Despite persistence on the part of Khomeiniist regime officials, claiming not to battling drugs and drug trafficking, huge drug shipments continue to move out of Iran under the watchful eye of the IRGC. 

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