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BAE Systems releases 360 MVP Sensor for military vehicles

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BAE Systems has released an addition to its integrated vehicle protection system (VPS) suite, the 360 Multifunction Vehicle Protection (MVP) Sensor, which offers expanded visibility, situational awareness and threat warning to military armoured vehicles and crews.

Four 1920 high-definition uncooled, extended-view multifunction cameras of the 360 MVP Sensor serve as the eyes of the VPS and provide sharp images of the surrounding battlespace to crews.

Additionally, the sensor has been designed to help crews quickly detect and track threats from ground troops and small arms fire to aerial systems, improvised explosive devices, and missiles.

During the day and at night, the sensors built with BAE Systems’ 1920×1200 longwave infrared camera cores provide 360° visibility and threat warning capabilities in adverse weather.

“Our vehicle protection system lets crews see first and act first, helping them complete their missions.”

BAE Systems soldier and vehicle electronics business development manager Ryan Edwards said: “Our approach is different. We’re using mature, integrated components to provide a modular and affordable system for protecting armoured vehicles that’s tailorable to the platform, mission, and budget.

“Our vehicle protection system lets crews see first and act first, helping them complete their missions.”

The 360 MVP Sensor can be integrated with and cue non-kinetic countermeasures, including BAE Systems’ RAVEN and kinetic countermeasures to defeat threats and lessen the response chain.

Its larger format also increases camera field of view from the existing 40° HFOV x 30° VFOV to 120° HFOV x 75° VFOV. This allows for increased look-up angle and shortened ground intercept.

The company’s VPS provides an integrated, layered defence for armoured vehicles.

BAE Systems develops vehicle protections systems at its manufacturing centre of excellence in Austin, Texas, US.

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