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Barr To Hold Mueller Report Presser: Politics Daily

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It’s Wednesday, April 17.

‣ Attorney General William Barr on Tuesday issued an order directing immigration judges to deny some immigrants a chance to post bail, another step meant to discourage immigrants from seeking asylum in the United States.

‣ Barr will hold a press conference at 9:30 a.m. ET tomorrow, the day the final report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller is due to be released.

‣ Sixty medical professionals across five states were charged with involvement in the illegal prescription of more than 32 million pain pills.

Here’s what else we’re watching:

Mueller arrives at his office in Washington. (J. Scott Applewhite / AP)

The White House Isn’t Worried: Mueller’s final report is set to be released tomorrow, but in the White House, things are calm. Donald Trump’s aides are confident—even serene—in their belief that the full report won’t damage the president, and will actually help his case for reelection: “It’s unlikely that this will change a single vote in 2020 either way,” one senior administration official said.

+ But, argues David Graham, as the report’s release date approaches, it’s becoming clearer that Trump will commit the same error in responding to House investigations that he did with Mueller: “stonewalling investigators, dragging out the process, and creating a public impression of guilt.”

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