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Is Trump Targeting What He Called ‘Shithole’ Countries With His Latest Immigration Crackdown?

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Hundreds of people, many of them Haitian, demonstrated against racism in Times Square on Martin Luther King Day on January 15th, 2018, in New York City. Across the country, activists, politicians and citizens alike reacted to comments made by President Donald Trump that appeared to denigrate both Haiti and African nations.

Over the weekend, the Trump administration floated its latest crackdown on immigration, both legal and illegal: According to the Wall Street Journal, the administration is considering placing travel restrictions on countries whose citizens have a high rate of overstaying their visas in the United States. 

Because of the countries they would target, the proposed visa sanctions (which could find their way into a presidential proclamation within the week, a Department of Homeland Security official told Politico) have drawn attention to some of President Donald Trump‘s earlier comments: In an Oval Office meeting in January of 2018, the president reportedly scorned the idea of providing immigration protections for people from Haiti and some African nations, asking why the U.S. should accept people from “shithole countries” instead of places like Norway. Trump‘s alleged comments, which were decried as racist at the time (and which the White House refused to confirm or deny), resurfaced over the weekend, as the new visa sanctions would likely affect some of the same places Trump disparaged. 

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