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We Need More Research Into Antidepressant Withdrawal

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One day in the middle of January, I abruptly stopped taking Cymbalta. The drug was supposed to help me with my depression, and I think on a neurochemical level it did. Alas, the side effects made me less happy, which conflicted with the core purpose of the pill. My brain was sluggish, my body heavy, my ability to feel pleasure dulled across the board. I was supposed to see my doctor the following week to talk about tapering off the drug, but having made the decision, I just couldn’t wait.

It turns out that I’m far from alone in struggling; more concerning, the medical profession as a whole is still trying to figure out how to help people like me. There’s just not much financial incentive in researching how to get people off of drugs.

When I told my wife I had gone off my medication cold turkey, she pointed out that I was being reckless with my health. She was, of course, correct. I started taking Cymbalta again. I felt ashamed of having been so rash, but was also completely sure that I wanted this drug out of my body. Immediately. Next week, supported by three different medical professionals (a general practitioner, a therapist, and a psychiatrist), I began a slow tapering-off of Cymbalta (the drug for my depression) while maintaining the same dosage of Wellbutrin (the drug for my anxiety).

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