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Member of ISIS Charged with Task of ‘Bringing in Migrants’ According to Documents

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The Islamic State is seeking to copy past tactics that have caused death and destruction as it plots the future, according to a published report.

Documents written by Islamic State leaders were obtained by The Sunday Times, which reported about them in a story headlined “Isis plans to copy Paris atrocity with fresh wave of carnage.”

The documents say one member of the Islamic State is assigned to the job of “bringing in migrants and taking out brothers who have been given jobs” to shuttle fighters from Syria into Europe. Although The Times site is open only to subscribers, Fox News reprinted parts of the documents.

The Times reported that the documents were on a hard drive that was recovered after a battle in Syria earlier this year. The Islamic State, which once controlled vast portions of Iraq and Syria, has now lost the ground it called its caliphate.

The cache included a new pledge of allegiance for Islamic State recruits.

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“We are your soldiers in Europe, we see what the enemies of Allah do to our Muslim brothers in the home of Islam by killing and bombardment and destruction of houses,” the document read. “And we, oh Emir of Believers, are under your command and subject to your orders and your sword that which you strike with the enemies of Allah in Europe.”

The documents indicate that the Islamic State would like to replicate the November 2015 attack in Paris that killed 130 people. The Islamic State also held up as a model a 2017 truck attack in New York City that killed eight people.

Last Monday, police arrested Rondell Henry, 28, alleging that the Islamic State inspired him to concoct a plot to ram a truck into a crowd of people in Washington, D.C.

Six sub-chiefs of the Islamic State signed a letter to leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Do you worry about terror attacks from the Islamic State?

The documents gave the name of Abu Khabab al-Muhajir as the leader who would direct operations, noting that he currently controls a terror cell in Russia and two more in Germany.

One of the major goals of the strategy is to steal money to fund operations.

“Killing infidel venture capitalists, hacking banks through bank accounts, bank robberies or robberies of places that are pre-studied. After any operation of this kind, we will send the money as we procure it,” according to one letter.

A December letter from an Islamic State leader named Abu Taher al-Tajiki listed “the targets that we will hit, Allah willing, and they are targets that will destroy the economic world in Europe and spread horror in the hearts of the enemies of Allah,” he wrote.

The letter talked about attacking a high-speed train in Germany and an oil pipeline near Basel, Switzerland.

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Although no Swiss attack was ever reported, two incidents took place regarding high-speed trains in Germany.

In a December incident, an Islamic State flag was found near a location where overhead wires had been damaged. In an October incident, a steel cable was stretched across the tracks in Bavaria in an attempt to damage a train.

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