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Legalizing Gay Marriage Reduced Homophobia

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Amy Klein-Matheny and her wife Jennifer are married by Reverend Peg Esperanza in the Polk County Administration Building on April 27th, 2009, in Des Moines, Iowa, on the first day gay couples were allowed to marry in the state following a ruling by the Iowa Supreme Court.

The fact that Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg’s homosexuality has been largely seen as a non-issue is evidence of a startling societal shift. How did America get so accepting of same-sex relationships in so short a time?

New research suggests that one catalyst was the state-level legalization of gay marriage.

“While anti-gay bias has been decreasing over time,” writes a research team led by McGill University psychologist Eugene Ofosu, it did so “at roughly double the rate” after a given state legalized same-sex nuptials.

This acceleration indicates that “government legislation can inform attitudes, even on religiously and politically entrenched positions,” the researchers write in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

To measure popular attitudes toward same-sex relationships, the researchers analyzed two large data sets. The first featured about one million people who logged onto the Project Implicit website between 2006 and 2016. The site allows visitors to state their conscious feelings on hot-topic issues, and measures their unconscious feelings toward the same subjects using specially designed tests.

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