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What’s Causing the Wild Weather in the Midwest?

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Floodwater surrounds a farm on March 22nd, 2019, near Craig, Missouri.

From 78 degrees on Tuesday to snow on Wednesday? Swings like this aren’t unusual in the central United States, where weather can quickly shift from one extreme to another. That’s especially true in the springtime, when conditions turn into a roller coaster, with balmy spring days followed by abrupt returns to winter.

These wild swings have been on full display this spring, with a record-setting cyclone on March 13th-14th and a second system this month bringing very heavy snow and intense winds to a broad area from Colorado to Minnesota. For researchers like me, this region is a fascinating, and sometimes frustrating, place to study weather and climate. It’s no accident that places like Colorado and Oklahoma are among the world’s hubs for atmospheric science.

Where the Winds Meet the Mountains

What generates such “big weather” on the Great Plains? It starts with geography.

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