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Sean Spicer Calls Out 2020 Democrats’ ‘Nuts’ Tactic He Says Will ‘Kill Them in the General’

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Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Saturday that the main tactic Democrats are using to get attention the crowded primary field is leading them further and further away from what will connect with voters in a general election.

“The way to get attention, the way to rise in the polls, is to be more extreme and nuts than the next individual who’s gone before you,” Spicer said on “Fox & Friends” during a Saturday appearance.

He termed the current Democratic free-for-all “a sprint to the extreme left.”

Spicer said that candidates get attention by becoming more extreme “in a crowded field, and the only way to do it is to attack further for Trump.”

Spicer said the tactic could succeed if enough far-left voters turn out in upcoming Democratic primaries, but noted that a candidate too far to the left cannot win the middle in a November contest.

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“It may work in the primary, it’s going to kill them in the general,” Spicer said.

Also Saturday, Spicer said former Vice President Joe Biden’s Friday jokes about having permission to touch those with whom he interacted at a labor union event were “ill-suited” and “offensive.”

“You can’t on the one hand say that you get it and then immediately afterwards joke about it,” Spicer said.

Are the Democrats moving too far left to win in 2020?

Earlier in the week, Spicer had appeared on  “Fox & Friends” to downplay the spike in attention given to South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

“There are over 15 candidates that have jumped in already and they’re going to be a flavor of the week,” Spicer said during an appearance on Wednesday.

Spicer said the love affair will not last very long.

“This is like speed-dating for Democrats. They’re going to love somebody one week dump them the find the next individual,” Spicer said.

Spicer said there is a stark contrast between who is talked about and who is really leading the pack.

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“They’re going to go from one to another, but think about the contrast that you have. One, he’s exploding on social media. In the polls, you have Biden and Sanders, the two old, white guys leading the polls, and then when it comes to social media interactions, the amount of chatter going on, he is up at the top.”

Spicer said the candidates reflect the fact that, as a party, Democrats are still seeking the candidate that defines the party’s identity.

“The Democratic Party is really interesting when you look at the disparity between who their candidates are, right?

“You have the total amount of experience in Washington, Biden and Sanders who have been in the Senate a long time, and then you’ve got these neophytes,” Spicer said.

“The question that you’re asking yourself… What is the party searching for?

“On one hand one week they want the guy who has never done anything, barely got elected, 37 years old. On another hand, a 70 plus-year-old crowd who has been in Washington forever?”

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