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Vet employment stays high and steady in March

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This isn’t the best ever job market for the youngest generation of veterans — but it’s very close.

The lowest recorded figure was a 3.0% unemployment rate in July 2018. BLS data for post-9/11 veteran unemployment goes back to 2006.

The March unemployment rate for the entire veteran population was 2.9%, up slightly from February’s 2.7% mark. Those figures are still better than most of 2018, when the overall veteran unemployment rate hovered between 3% and 4% for most of the year.

Nonveterans 18 years of age and older had a March unemployment rate of 3.9%, compared to February’s 4.0% tally.

March also saw the U.S. add 196,000 jobs, mostly in the health care and technical services fields. The overall unemployment rate remained steady from its February count of 3.8 percent.

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