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How Disparities in Wealth Affect Gen Z’s Experiences With Technology

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A few years ago, I helped organize a convening of researchers, practitioners, and industry leaders whose work focuses on young people and technology. The purpose of the gathering was to take stock of existing research on today’s digital-age youth and set an agenda for future research. Although many of the attendees were considered experts in matters relating to youth and technology, we recognized that the real experts are youth themselves. We therefore kicked off the event by inviting eight high school students from Seattle-area schools to participate on a youth panel.

As it turned out, our strongest community partnerships came from two schools that were about as far apart in income levels as one could get. Half of the students attended an elite private school located in an affluent suburb north of Seattle. They were primarily white and lived in upper-middle-class families and neighborhoods. The other half attended a public high school located in a low-income neighborhood in south Seattle. These students were immigrants from Africa and Southeast Asia, and all of them lived in low-income families.

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