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Girl Ultra Interview: The R&B Singer Discusses Her Mexican Identity, Her New Music, and Being a Scorpio

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When Mexican R&B artist Mariana “Nan” de Miguel visualizes her musical persona, Girl Ultra, she says she sees “a character that lives inside me—a super heroine that never existed in the real world.”

“Girl Ultra is this extroverted, hidden part of my personality that comes out ritualistically before I perform,” she explains. “I have the urge to pull out my truest self, to shout, to step on stage and transform.”

An astrology aficionado, de Miguel draws from the stars to make sense of both her Girl Ultra persona and her real-world identity. She describes herself—and other Scorpios like her—as “resourceful, perceptive, passionate, determined, and emotionally intense.”

De Miguel claims it’s that drive and emotional intensity that have propelled her career so far so fast: It’s what allowed her to go from singing in a disco band in high school and earning extra cash from DJ gigs, to signing as a solo act with Finesse Records by the time she was ready to graduate. Further, she says, it’s these same Scorpio-esque qualities that fueled her decision to forego college and instead pursue music full-time in Mexico City.

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