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Addictions and attachment are the greatest diseases of our time. This article is not intended to moralize anyone, merely to show a methodical solution which will help you overcome any addiction or any attachment if you are a motivated person.

The source

I was born in Poland in 1981. My curiosity has always been my only cognitive limitation. At the age of 22–23 I have received from the world, as a result of a very intense, but above all intuitive, meditation, the key of the spiritual master.

I have begun my long path of spiritual, religious, philosophical, psychological, sociological, business and technological knowledge development.

On March 10, 2019, I managed to overcome the limitations of the body and I can say with full certainty that I am able to communicate bi-directionally with the spiritual realm of our existence.

This gives me a solid foundation to share my wisdom.

We are alike

I am human, and I think nothing human is alien to me. I have seen greatness, wisdom and virtue in people, but also pettiness, stupidity and sin. What I have seen, I have learned, what I have considered, I have kept, and what I have wanted, I have destroyed.

At some point in my life, I have given up following my true calling and tried to live like everyone else. It has almost ended tragically for me. Fortunately, this lesson, although delayed me, gave me the understanding which I can share now with you.

There is not a hole that you can not dig for yourself, but there is also not a hole that you can not dig out of.

I will not go into the details of my personal problems here, but I can openly say that I have allowed myself to become addicted to cocaine, which I have been using to compensate for the psychological pain, the result of not living true to myself. And yet, although the curability of cocaine addiction is around 2%, assuming that someone will never take it again so not to have relapses, I could draw a line of cocaine with you today and laugh and move on. I could if I wanted to.

Do you understand what I want to teach you?

Not only will you be stronger, but you also will not be addicted anymore.

We are told that someone, who is an alcoholic or a drug addict today, will be the addict until one’s death. It is not true.

I promise you that you will not be afraid of your addiction anymore, you will defeat it or them and you will even be able to drink a glass of your favourite wine with friends without worrying about going into a sequence of unwanted behaviours.

The same applies to cigarettes, sugar, sex, gambling, or anything else that people tend to attach to.

Having said that, I am not going to make moral statements about what is good and what is bad, you know best yourself what is good for you, and what is bad for you. What creates light in your home, and what creates darkness for you, your family and friends.

And perhaps most importantly, one man’s medicine is another man’s poison. This is not an indication that something is medicine. This is above all a hint that you should never feel obliged to follow blindly the attachments of those with whom you live or the inadequate tradition of a specific place. On the other hand, you are a different person today than you have been yesterday and you will be a different person tomorrow. Freedom to change oneself is the highest of all freedoms.

Sun Tzu

The greatest wisdom of Art of War by Sun Tzu, the book written about 2,600 years ago, is regarding an internal, mental war, the war with oneself.

And this is its adaptation to our needs.

Five golden rules:

  • define a moral code, which you will fully understand and which will give you victory
  • develop self-awareness and mindfulness
  • know that a war is won by winning individual battles, not all at once
  • know that the war is won only if you follow a winning strategy
  • know that this internal war is won by the power of Your Army, which means the power of Your Own Will

You are your Master and Commander, you have been given a free will, you can destroy yourself or you can transform. The most important thing is for you to understand that the purpose of one’s life is to find understanding, know oneself and grow, both mentally and spiritually.

At the same time, from the point of view of spirituality, you and I are neither one nor two.


First of all, you must understand that setting yourself goals that are impossible to achieve will never bring you any closer to your victory.

If you create a moral law that you do not follow, you have to tell yourself each time you break it, say it intimately, that you are breaking it. You do not need any excuses, the signal to your mind, your consciousness must be clear, I am breaking my moral law.

The power of your will today can be totally broken, and your moral law can be at the gutter level today. However, believe me, that when you end your inner war, the power of your will can be unlimited, and your moral law can be a display of luminous virtue.

Understanding is the final absolution, do not let yourself be persuaded that it is different. This is The Holy Truth, the source of the power of your will.


  • quit smoking (in translation, will be published very soon)
  • amphetamines (in response to your request, publication ASAP)

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To win 100 battles is not the height of skill — To subdue the enemy without fighting is.

— The Art of War, Sun Tzu

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