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Army Launches New App to Help Reservists Find Each Other

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U.S. Army Reserve Command recently launched its first mobile app, designed to allow users to connect with other Reserve members using the app in their immediate area, whenever the need arises.

Lt. Gen. Charles Luckey, the chief of Army Reserves, called the new Double Eagle App a “tremendous capability” that will allow Reserve soldiers and family members to more effectively support each other in the future.

“There is a way for you to figure out, given wherever you are in the country, and frankly around the world, who else in the Army reserve is located in proximity to where you are standing right now,” Luckey said in a video presentation introducing the app.

“So I know if I am in some location at some moment in time I know there are soldiers right there in that area and I can reach out to them, contact them if I need help, that kind of stuff … so as a team we are able operate at the local level, at the regional level — not inside a unit chain of command but just as teammates inside America’s Army Reserve.

“This app gives us the ability to see ourselves and to take care of each other,” he continued.

Luckey’s video presentation is located on the new Double Eagle App webpage on the Army Reserve’s website, which explains how soldiers can download the new app.

“This application, whether it’s on your iPhone or your droid or your Samsung or whatever it is … is your link to all cool stuff inside America’s Army Command,” Luckey said.

Soldiers will have access to past command information videos “about what we are doing, why we are doing it and all kinds of different thoughts on different things that concern all of us as soldiers,” Luckey said.

Luckey also said that the new app will give Reserve soldiers information on important topics such as how to prepare for the new Army Combat Fitness Test, a new physical fitness evaluation that will replace the current Army Physical Fitness Test in Oct. 2020.

Soldiers can also use the app to quickly find useful information about any installation they plan to visit for future training events, Luckey said.

“From an information perspective … it’s a pretty cool capability,” Luckey said.

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