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Mass Shootings in New Zealand: Politics Daily

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‣ Adam Serwer examines the deep American roots behind the seemingly fringe conspiracy theory of “white genocide” in the April issue of The Atlantic magazine: “When Americans abandon their commitment to pluralism, the world notices, and catastrophe follows.”

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VETO!: As expected, President Donald Trump vetoed the Congressional attempt to block his declaration of a national emergency, and leading up to the Senate’s rebuke on Thursday, seemed to care very little about trying to win over Congress.

A Candidate for the ‘Middle’: You might not have heard of Representative Tim Ryan, but the Democratic congressman from Ohio—who’s also an avid hot-yoga practitioner—is seriously considering running for president. Elaine Godfrey spent some time talking to the potential candidate about what he thinks he can bring to the national conversation. “Should he run, Ryan would likely position himself as the candidate best able to attract … ‘middle’ voters. In his working-class district in northeast Ohio, roughly 45,000 people filled in the bubble for both Trump and Ryan in 2016.”

More on Manafort: Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison for crimes uncovered during the course of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe. But all of Manafort’s convictions have been for financial crimes—and Mueller might still have more dirt on him, reports Natasha Bertrand: “Prosecutors might have more ammunition to go after the 69-year-old on matters that go directly to the question of a conspiracy with Russia.”

Who Will Pay?: After eight years of civil war, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is still firmly in power. But much of the nation is destroyed, and no country is particularly keen to help rebuild it, writes Krishnadev Calamur. Russia, an Assad ally, can’t afford to help, while many Assad adversaries can afford to, but won’t.

Trump Towers, Never Built: The Trump Castle. The World’s Tallest Building. The World’s Tallest Building, Take Two. The World’s Tallest Building, Take Three. These are all the Donald Trump construction projects that were never realized.

Olivia Paschal and Madeleine Carlisle


Young demonstrators join the International Youth Climate Strike event at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. Students around the world took to the streets to urge action on climate change. (J. Scott Applewhite / AP)

Ideas From The Atlantic

A Repulsively Casual Terrorist Manifesto (Graeme Wood)

“What we should learn as this particular manifesto is forgotten is that even if specific texts prove unmemorable, the potency of ideas is enduring and chronically underestimated. Is there any doubt that the ideology that inspired the Christchurch terrorist is a global pestilence, and that any response that fails to apprehend it as an ideology is inadequate?”→ Read on

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