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House votes 420-0 on resolution calling for release of Robert Mueller’s Russia report

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March 14 (UPI) — The House voted unanimously Thursday on a resolution that urges special counsel Robert Mueller‘s Russia report to be made public.

The resolution is non-binding and cannot compel the Justice Department to make the report public, but the 420-0 vote puts some pressure on newly appointed Attorney General William Barr.

“This report must see the light of day, must be available to the American public for a catharsis that will allow us to start with the facts, understand what happened and begin to rebuild the faith of the American people,” said Rep. Jim Himes, D-Conn., a senior member of the House intelligence committee.

House Democrats have threatened to use subpoena power to force the Justice Department to turn over anything Barr withholds.

Four Republicans voted “present” Thursday but did not favor or reject the resolution — Reps. Justin Amash of Michigan, Thomas Massie of Kentucky, Matt Gaetz of Florida and Paul Gosar of Arizona.

Gaetz told The Hill he supports releasing the Mueller report.

“I take exception to the elements of the resolution noting praise for Mueller, without also noting the criticism of his very biased staffing decisions,” he said.

The Justice Department hasn’t said when the report could potentially be released, but NPR reported Thursday top prosecutor Andrew Weissmann is about to leave his job, a sign the work may be closing.

The Republican-controlled Senate is unlikely to take up the resolution.

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