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Democrats Must Expose Trump’s Betrayal of Working People

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi set off a firestorm among progressives this week when she appeared to take impeachment off the table, failing “something...compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan.”

But Pelosi was right. She went on to say that “It’s not about [Trump]. It’s about what we can do for the people to lower health-care costs, bigger paychecks, cleaner government.” That is necessary, but not sufficient. It is imperative that House Democrats focus not on Trump’s daily outrages, but on the truly destructive and pervasive corruption of his administration. And they need to drag the media along with them.

This won’t be easy. Trump is a master at manipulating the press. The talking heads on CNN and MSNBC, and reporters from places like the New York Times and Washington Post constantly take the bait, pursuing Trump’s unending scandals and disgraces. Last week, the front page of the Washington Post featured a story about the effort to bury Trump’s high school and college grades. Politicians get air time to talk about Trump’s various offenses, both real and potential.

Meanwhile, though they are conducting some useful hearings into various Trump administration assaults on consumers and working people, the new Democratic House chairs are launching another round of investigations into Trump’s personal corruptions: ties to Russia, foreign leverage over his businesses, potential obstruction of justice and more. Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler recently issued subpoenas to a stunning 81 different Trump associates. All this continues to stoke the bloodlust of Democratic activists who expect Democrats to give them Trump’s head.

This largely misses the point. When Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen testified that Trump was a “racist” and a ”con man,” and “cheat,” Representative Jamie Raskin tweeted, “Sure, but we’re here to find out things we don’t already know.”

Virtually everyone—opponents and supporters alike—knows Trump is a scoundrel. Hillary Clinton spent nearly a billion dollars making that case in 2016. He had the highest unfavorables of any presidential candidate in history when he was elected. Today voters by large margins agree Trump is dishonest (61 percent), hotheaded (66 percent) and embarrassing (52 percent).

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